How to become a Glass 2 U Franchise...

The application process is a standard base of the introduction to the GLASS 2U Franchise and applicants are requested to follow the requirements to be...


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How to become a Glass 2 U Franchise Operator

glass2uhouseThe application process is a standard base of the introduction to the GLASS 2U Franchise and applicants are requested to follow the requirements to become the leading distributor of glass products in a designated Area of Responsibility.

  • Are you willing to commit to owning and managing your own glass franchise?
  • Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit with a keen desire for success
  • Together with a keen ambition to take your franchise business beyond all expectations
  • Franchisees are required to purchase all their Glass requirement from City Glass
  • Becoming a Franchisee operator in the GLASS 2U Industry is not an automatic ticket to success, especially in this challenging economy.
  • Mindset. One of the most important attitudes the Owner Manager needs to possess in order to be a successful Franchisee is to have the right focus and attitude.
  • Prepare for change. Becoming a franchisee would mean the Owner Manager would be engaged in entirely different activities from that of a paid employee.
  • If the Owner Manager is comfortable being a paid employee, the new challenge the Owner Manager would face would be to go out into the market place and conduct his own business?
  • A training program is available for incumbent employees to be competent in the correct methods of Cutting, Handling, Safe Storage of Glass and Identification of the different types of glass products on offer in order to become a capable and skilled employee.
  • The Owner Manager will need to formalise a basic marketing and business plan that will influence and persuade customers in this new business venture.
  • Gather market research. The Owner Manager must not rely on gut feelings that the GLASS 2U franchise would be a smash hit in the intended Area of Responsibility. Gather market research to confirm there is a good and continual consumer demand in the designated Area of Responsibility and room in the marketplace for a new competitor.
  • Marketing. A review of how the Owner Manager would attract customers to the new franchise. This would include a justification of competitive advantages the new business would enjoy, an examination of the value equation related to the product or service as it relates to potential customers and, of course, detailed marketing and advertising plans for the business.
  • One of the most important exercises to go through in the start up of any business is the creation of a business plan, and this is just as true with franchised businesses as with any other. The discipline of preparing the business plan encourages the Owner Manager to anticipate and think through a number of questions about the challenges the Company will face and the expectations for the new business success.
  • The creation of a business plan is also essential if financing is required from any money lending source, since this is probably the first document any such financing source would expect.
  • The process of actually creating a business plan will force the Owner Manager to consider options and formalise a projected course of action in the new business.
  • Financing Needs. Regardless of the source of funding for the new business (even if all funding is coming from committed savings), the Owner Manager should always prepare a section of the business plan related to financing needs. This section involves a complete analysis of all start up costs related to the new business, including sufficient working capital to cover initial stock purchases as well as marketing plans.
  • As a final note on this process, keep in mind that the business plan must be updated and fully finalised after completing the franchisor’s initial training for new franchisees.
  • Regardless of how much research is done prior to becoming a new franchisee, the Owner Manager will almost certainly have a far greater understanding of factors like operational and marketing plans for the business.

Here are some of our successful business entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the GLASS 2U Franchise.

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